The Leap of Faith

It is really interesting to notice that Profound things can be found in the most unexpected places. Like in my Data Mining class when the Prof. said “Data Mining is the Discovery of knowledge from Data”, I wondered “how the hell does one discover Knowledge”. But this thought was turned into realization during my rerun of  the movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. It’s an epic movie by Chris. Nolan and if you haven’t seen it yet……… God have mercy on your soul.

Any way back to my discovery of Knowledge:

Here’s what struck me and I really wanted to share.

Do you remember the scene where Bruce Wayne is in a pit, and has to escape by climbing up a sheer wall?

The other inmates tell him about previous attempts to escape the pit, and how so many people before him plunged to their death.

We watch as Bruce tries many times to climb out of the pit. With a rope tied to his waist, he climbs up the wall, and pauses. Now he has to jump a long distance, across the belly of the pit, to get to the step to freedom.
He takes a deep breath and lunges, only to fall, battered by the walls on his way down, but rescued from death by the rope.

He tries again, and again, only to fail each time.

He is bruised, weakened, defeated. How can he get out of this dark pit?

The gap between the two steps is huge, a chasm, and he seems doomed to die in the dungeon.

Then a prisoner tells him about the time a child escaped from the pit, when all those before him had plunged to their death.

“Jump like the child, ” the prisoner reminds him, “Without a rope.”

Bruce begins the climb again, this time without a rope to break his fall. He gets to the treacherous point and he looks across the chasm, aware that if he falls nothing will protect him.

He either makes it, or dies in the pit. Bruce leaps. People watch with bated breath. This time he makes it.

We often face challenges in life. Blocks that we have to transcend. Hurdles we have to clear.

The more you fear a challenge, the more likely it represents the path to growth and freedom.

Some people turn away from the challenge, choosing on to live in the pit, too scared to even attempt a climb to freedom, because they have seen too many fail.

Some try to make the leap and fail. Many give up.

But they do not know that just as in the movie, success in life comes to those who do not turn back from their purpose.

When you face a significant challenge or hurdle in your life, a hurdle that you have to clear in order to find freedom, you have to act decisively.

You have to let go of supports, of fall-backs, of fail-safes, of plan Bs.

But don’t leap just for the sake of leaping. Ensure that you are moving towards light, towards greater freedom.

And do not act without adequate preparation.

Bruce Wayne built up his strength and made many attempts with the safety of the rope before attempting the jump without it.

That is how we should approach these challenges.


Understand the challenge.

Ask how others have accomplished what you are setting out to do.

And then, don’t hold back. Do not retreat. Move forward. Act as if you have no other choice.

Make the leap of faith . When you have nothing to lose, you will gain it all.


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