Let This Semester Go….

If there is one line that almost every student has said during the college days, it would be, “Let this semester go, next se mann laga ke padhai karenge”. Infact this has been my story for the past 4 years. Semester after semester I’ve made promises to study harder the next time. And today I realise that I won’t have an “Aagla semester” to work hard.

I wanted my last few days of my college life to be exciting, but alas! God had other plans. No farewell, It had to be our branch…. (Seriously, CS ko to waise bhi nai milne wali thi).

What bugs me the most is- “No more Ravi Pathak sir and Amit Gaurav sir ke Lectures  “.

Few things that I really wanted to accomplish but missed:

Scoring 30/30 in a sessional, But due to my love of featuring in the detained list, Ye sapna adhura reh gaya. Bas Khushi is baat ki hai ki Detain hone me har baar Top kiya  .

A Class Trip: Honestly, we have been really unlucky when it comes to all this stuff. A cancelled trip, huh!
And we couldn’t even plan one.

I guess enough of the depressing stuff.

I heard my seniors how the last day brought mixed feelings, the Joy of graduating and the grief of losing the company of friends. But it amazes me that I feel nothing at all. But after 4 years of trauma tha B.tech was, I am happy that I’m still breathing.

I met few of the most amazing people. People who changed my outlook towards everything.

Vivek Singh : It’s rightly said Brothers dont always have the same last name. When all else fails, there is one guy who dosen’t. Even in the worst of situations he happens to be that Ray of Hope. Bas aise hi Banaras ka naam roshan karte rehna.

Sudhir Rai : (Rai Sahab / Mr. Hospitality): Aapki kitni bhi taarif kare, kam hi hogi. You can’t hate this guy. B-4 IAS colony, has been the venue of all our masti. Rai sahab Proves ki “Dil Bada Hona Chahiye”. An integral part of my MUN-Gang. He indeed is the hospitality king.

Rahul Sharma: (Sharma Ji) A perfect combo of a Gamer and Foodie… It just dosen’t get any better than this. Everytime I faced a crisis- that War between Dite and Dessert, I knew who to consult. A simple line- “Chal be kuch Kha ke aate hain” could resolve the greatest of dilemmas. If you love food as much as I, Sharma ji is the best buddy you can ever have.

Tauhid Ahmed : Shayad poora first year inke sms padhne me hi guzar gaya. Another Banarasi Legend. If you haven’t heard of him or laughed at his Texts, you’ve been living under a rock. He has an amazing ability to play with words. Awesome character.

Vardaan Arora: Dude likes to Suit Up- nuff said.

Paurush Agarwal: The Sleeping Beauty. Staying up the whole night so that you can complete the quota of sleep in the class pure Awesomeness.

Abdur Raheem Usmani: Simplicity at it’s best. Had a few thought provoking sessions with him. Truly a wonderful personality.

Vikil Tyagi: Mera Kumbh me khoya bhai… One of the Few who can literally Mindfuck you. His Pravachans are amazing. It dosen’t matter ke discussion kis topic pe hai… aap bas hukum karo nd He’ll blow your mind. I’ll always remember his first pravachan which lasted 6 rounds of ansal plaza #TrueStory.

last but Not the Least:
Pandey Ji and Prateek Mishra: Hard and Smart workers. future leaders…. Netagiri ke sare features hai inme. Inki dictionary me “impossible” word nai hai. Overall Mast log hain. It is great to know you guyz.

Finally Sincere Thanks to Harivans Sir My Mentor, has been a strict taskmaster yet an inspiration always.
It is impossible to mention all so thank you folks for making the last four years worth remembering….

A special thanks to She Who-would-not-be-named.

I’m not good at saying good byes so I’ll just skip it.

Hope you guys have an amazing life ahead.

#0909713094 Signing Off
Alpha Mike Foxtrot 


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