29 People On The Little Things That Are Big Turn-Offs

Thought Catalog

1. suburbside

Apathy. It’s draining to have to be the only one to care — and boring as well.

2. DrMethodical

Not being able to take a joke. I know one girl who’s very attractive, and if you make a mistake, she’ll laugh at you for way longer than she should. If she messes up, you can’t laugh or it’s game over, I’m leaving — fuck you.

3. meow_bot


4. Revelgoodpeople

Being actually racist. Jokes are just jokes. Using expletives against black people on Judge Judy like the rest of my family does is racism.

5. thechristiner

The number one thing I learned I do not like through trial and error (aka dating) is emotional manipulation, especially through withholding emotional availability and love.

I had a boyfriend a long time ago who would give me just enough positive attention to keep me around then make sure I knew I…

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