10 Things We Should Never Stop Believing In

Thought Catalog

1. Fortunes.

In cookies, in the newspaper, a magic 8 ball, your horoscope—wherever you read them. If it uncannily matches whatever event is occurring in your life, you have the freedom to believe that the stars have aligned to create a cosmic shift that caused whatever event lead you to read said fortune. It is not because it is one of the 100 standardized, vague messages that could apply to the majority of the population. It is because it spoke to something in you.

2. Our hearts over our heads.

We’re submersed in a culture that tells us to be strong, independent people who don’t need anyone else’s approval, acceptance, or bank account. The tides have shifted to inform us that wanting to be loved is a symptom of being desperate, that fighting for the right to love isn’t as important as moving on. We’re supposed to take a baseball…

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